My Story

The idea for Honeybunch Baby was formed in April 2018. I was nearing the end of my maternity leave for a job that would have required extensive commuting and full-time (i.e. pricey) childcare for my little boy. I wanted to combine the wonderful opportunity I had to be a full-time mummy with an ever-present desire to be my own boss. In their first year of life, it is all about their series of firsts; their first Halloween, their first Christmas, their first holiday are all incredible moments that you want to remember and share. I love my milestones cards which we have used religiously to capture his monthly ‘birthdays’ and his achievements as he grows and develops. But I struggled to find clothing for those special events that I liked or that were affordable. So Honeybunch Baby was born.

A few months later, when looking back at my milestone cards, I realised that they didn’t cover everything I considered memorable about my little boy’s first year of life. What about the realities of parenting? The funny stories that arise from the ickiest parts of raising a baby? I designed True Life version baby photo cards to help keep a record of the most memorable of moments – those poop explosions, the frazzled relief when you actually fit in a shower, and the bliss when you miraculously manage to enjoy a hot cup of tea. These cards are perfect for sharing the realities of parenting to friends and family and also make a fantastic baby shower gift.

I so enjoyed designing the photo cards that I decided to create another set to mark your baby’s first year of special events and occasions. Capture those special days and remember them always with a beautiful photo.

My shop will be going live shortly.

Why Honeybunch Baby?

I wanted to find the best name for my little business. Using a trusty thesaurus, I found the word Honeybunch and discovered it was a synonym for ‘darling’, ‘treasure’ and ‘fair-haired boy’. My little boy has the most beautiful blonde locks and is of course my darling and treasure so Honeybunch Baby became the perfect choice.

My Products


I have created a series of products which I hope you will love as much as I do. They are  100% cotton and individually hand-printed using a heat press method. This seals in the ink so there is absolutely no risk to your baby’s skin. The first of my designs is perfect for a newborn photo shoot and allows complete personalisation with your baby’s name, weight, length and date of birth. Available to order shortly.

Baby Photo Cards:

True Life Version: A twist on the traditional milestone cards, my True Life Baby Photo Cards celebrate the realities of parenting. Not all moments with your baby will be idyllic but you will still want to remember them! My True Life Baby Photo Cards have been created to help you keep a record of those unforgettable parenting rites of passage!

Special Events and Occasions: A series of Firsts to be celebrated definitely include baby’s first special occasions. Amongst a set of ten designs are cards to celebrate their first Christmas, first Easter, first holiday and of course their first Birthday. My Special Events and Occasions set of Baby Photo Cards will help mark these distinguished dates in the calendar to keep an enduring memento of your baby’s first year of life.



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