New Years resolutions for you and your family

If you, like me, approach each New Year with an optimistic air and with an ambition to set a realistic but still aspirational resolution, I am going to try and help! All of my suggestions are family oriented to help you make the most of family time in 2019.

  1. Get more creative

As your little one gets bigger, it’s the perfect time to introduce some arts and craft activities. Finger painting, play dough and biscuit decorating are all great ideas to introduce new and fun experiences for your child. I’m really looking forward to coming up with lots of projects for my one year old this year. These websites should help you get started with some ideas:, or

  1. More variety in the kitchen

It can be easy to get into a boring cycle of meals for your family. It’s important to introduce lots of new flavours and textures to your child whilst also providing all of their essential vitamins and minerals. Why not plan to introduce one new recipe option to your child every week? I always find Annabel Karmel (the queen of mini one’s meals surely) helpful or how about trying some crowd-sourced meals from other parents at

  1. Get outside and explore nature

Often the best way to distract a tantrum-prone toddler or stretch your little one until their next nap to get outside. A little bit of fresh air really does wonders – it definitely does for my little one anyway. Take a look at the National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4’ for some fantastic ideas on things you can get up to whilst exploring nature.

  1. Take more photographs

Having a child is nothing if not memorable and most of those memories you want to cherish, right?! Setting a new year’s resolution to take more photographs will help you remember your quality family time forever. Milestone events in your little one’s life can be made even more memorable with a Honeybunch Baby bodysuit – join me on my Facebook page to get a first look at my range of products, coming soon!

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